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Market knowledge comes from experience and information. Today, thousands of information sources make complete research early impossible. Real Estate Perspective compiles real estate market and economic information from over 40 sources into a single, easy-to-read weekly newsletter and a searchable database compiled since 2001.

Each business day the JRES staff reviews all Denver metro area wide and local newspapers, trade journals, government websites, blogs and other sources for commercial and residential real estate and economic news. (Publications Covered). News items are condensed into easily readable summaries providing all of the essential facts and entered into the weekly Real Estate Perspective newsletter, and an inventory of articles searchable based on their content.

With Real Estate Perspective you can:

  • Generate and track sales leads for various projects, properties, people or markets!
  • Monitor the latest activity for a particular property type, geographic area or project
  • Get neighborhood-specific and property type specific background data for appraisals and market analyses!
  • Get economic trend data and statistics for reports!
  • Follow the latest in a market segment such as ‘Lodging\Hospitality’ or ‘Office Space’!
  • Find out about new investment opportunities before the competition!
  • Examine the Denver market at a macro or micro level depending on your needs!

Real Estate Perspective gives you access to:

  • Local neighborhood newspaper stories that often scoop the big dailies and industry publications
  • Coverage from government zoning minutes and meetings
  • National publication stories related to the Denver Metro Area market
  • Local information developed by James Real Estate Services, Inc for use in our appraisals, market analysis reports and other publications.


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